Essential Enzymes

How Essential Enzymes Work in the Human Body

Essential enzymes are incredibly important features of the human body. All of the body’s cells require enzymes to catalyze chemical reactions that are necessary for the cell to function. This means that in order for each cell to run the chemical reactions that run every process of the body, it needs essential enzymes to increase the rate of the entire process, in order for the chemical process to be effective. Without the use of enzymes, these processes would be too slow to have any effect.

Enzymes are composed of specific proteins. Each of these is specifically selective to the type of process they are meant to work for. This means that the type of enzymes made within a cell will determine what job (chemical process) that cell will perform. These enzymes are needed to lower the amount of energy required to begin the chemical reaction. This is referred to as the activation energy. By lowering the amount of energy a process needs to start, enzymes allow the reaction to occur much faster. This process occurs in humans and animals, but has also been harnessed by manufacturers. For example, some household cleaning products use enzymes to begin chemical reactions.

Many different things can have an effect on enzymes in the human body and may alter their function considerably. Any substance that increases the enzymes ability to create or catalyze chemical reactions is called an activator. Substances that decrease this ability are called inhibitors. Inhibitors can be dangerous as they stop or slow down important biological processes. Poisons are an example of a dangerous enzyme inhibitor. Some types of drugs can also have enzyme inhibiting effects. The chemical reaction does not need to consume these enzymes during the process. The body’s essential enzymes are responsible for literally millions of chemical reactions that help us sustain life.

Enzymes also play a significant role in diseases and disorders that can affect the human body. Any problem of the development of an enzyme can lead to a genetic disease if that specific enzyme is required for a specific process. A problem with a single enzyme can lead to fatal genetic disease. This shows how important enzymes are to the human body.

The usefulness of enzymes as catalysts in the human body is becoming well known in the search for cures for certain disorders. Many different types of enzymes can occur in succession to create metabolic pathways. A good example of this type of pathway is the digestive system. Each specific enzyme works as a catalyst to start the chemical reactions that break down the proteins in the digestive system and allow the body to absorb the nutrients released. Many types of medical disorders can result from any lack of enzymes to begin this process. Also, problems with these types of enzymes can cause the body to be unable to properly receive all of the nutrients that it needs from the breaking down of foods.

The use of artificial enzymes to work as catalysts has been used in all types of medical and manufacturing applications. There are now many products available that market themselves as full of essential enzymes that claim to help support the body’s natural processes. These products claim to use either natural or artificial enzymes that can aid the body in processing foods and absorbing nutrients. These products are also supposed to help cure digestive disorders that stem from enzyme malfunctions. These digestive enzymes may work to support the digestive system, but have some side effects. As with taking any form of medication or dietary supplement, it always best to consult with a physician first.